Monday, 29 June 2015

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Granny called us 'Giggling Gerties' - what a wonderful term of endearment. We loved playing dress-up - wearing Granny's pretty cotton dresses. playing Kings Corners and Rummy, throwing sand-muck at each other at the beach. Family gatherings at the cottages were the best!

As kids we shared similarities; same goofy humour. A love of music reading and drawing. Drinking water backwards from glasses (uh huh). Writing secret notes to each other. Vivid and recurring dreams. Oh how we rocked out to The Partridge Family. A bit goofy, a bit dorky.

Fast forward several years and we're now grown up, both with kids. And although we live 4+ hours apart, when we get together at the cottages, it's like we were never apart. Splashing and wave crashing at the lake, outlasting our kids, and most others at the beach. Still giggling, still silly; perhaps not quite as dorky.  What we are though - artistic and imaginative, creative cousins!

Thank you for stopping by.  See you soon!

Lolly & Sand

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