Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Start of Another Ornament

Here I go again!  It's hot as you know what outside, so I'm chillin' this afternoon with some quillin'.  No, I didn't intentionally plan on having that rhyme lol.   Don't get me wrong - I had a busy day.  Mom is moving so the enormous task of packing has begun.  Sixty years of treasure and memories to go through, so my posts may lessen over the next few months.  However, in my quiet time, I'm making my Quilled Christmas Ornaments. 

The first rows are easy, then the fun starts.  I'm saying that tongue in cheek because to me, these are like making a puzzle, with no directions.  My kind of craft!

 Be sure to check in every once in a while.  I have some funky colours planned for my next ornament!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!

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