Sunday, 24 April 2016

Fun with Watercolours

I truly enjoy making cards, yet it's funny, or weird, or perhaps just the way I create - I 'work' or rather, play card maker when I'm inspired.   Earlier today I thought, I should make a few cards, but there I sat, moving papers around, getting frustrated, and we all know that's no fun.  I did what was best - I walked away.

Where do I find inspiration?  Here, there, and everywhere - anywhere.  It's never forced - it just happens.  Soooo, I was watchin' X-Files (with the lights on), and sketching, then - inspiration, and I headed back to my craft room.

Over the coming days, I'll be posting cards I completed today.  For each of my watercolour cards, I used Bister powders - experimenting - fun!

This card makes me smile - it's a happy Happy Birthday card.  At first I considered orange for the base but it kind of overpowered the pinks and oranges.  I was moved to pick up a white base and inspiration!  As for the butterflies - I had them in my stash of butterflies. They were also made using Bister powders, but I used photo paper rather than watercolour.  The pic doesn't show it, but they're super shiny.  Stamp on the sentiment and done!  Love!

Here's what I realized today.  When I make cards that bring me joy the card reflects exactly that - joy!
Stop by again soon - I'll be posting cards I completed today,

Happy Crafting!\

Whoa....wait - by the way - did you catch the song reference?

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  1. This is simply gorgeous Sandy! I love everything about it!!