Sunday, 15 May 2016

Best Ever Granola

I know,...know,'ve heard it this, best that.  I'll guarantee you this is the best granola I've ever eaten, thus it's the best ever.  My logic.

Look at all the gorgeous ingredients in the picture below and ask yourself why you're buying the boxed granola and cereal.  Since I started making my own granola, I haven't bought any store brands.

My inspiration to make my own granola was simple - if I can't pronounce it, why am I eating it (good one, eh!), store prices are outrageous, plus, I know what's in it, and this has to be way healthier than something in a box with an expiry date of 2018.  There is there is this added extra - I made it myself, and that makes me feel good.

I was on Pinterest searching for recipes, when I came across  Credit for my first attempt months ago, I give to Dana's recipe.  Since then, I've adjusted the amount of coconut sugar and maple syrup (I'm sweet enough already) and added flax and hemp seeds.  For the original recipe, click Dana's link and query granola.  The Super Chunky Coconut Granola is my fave, and I have some baking right now.  The smell of it baking is amazing!  The taste, well, ditto.  Whether you eat it plain, add fruit, add milk, or yogurt or whatever suites you (like over ice cream!!), I'm certain you'll love it!

I hope you're having a lovely day!


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