Friday, 10 June 2016

More of something new and something else!

I'm lovin' mixed media.  Paint outside the lines (gasp!), and do what makes you happy.  This is my happy.  Mixing paints, being messy - no rules.  I bought a heavy apron that is now so wonderfully covered in paint from my hands and as my online artist instructor would say, you can see the history in it.  

Here's what I started a few days ago.  

Exciting, eh!!  Here's what I learned. Sand the wood before you put Gesso on it.  Well silly me!  I do tend to jump in with both feet and then realize I should have worn boots.

Picture two....

Adding collage elements.'s what I learned.  It would be good to lay down some textures before..yes...jumping in with both feet.  This is a learning experience, but not a stressed out, crazy learning curve.  It's fun mucking about with paints and collage.

Picture three....

Now I'm cookin'...and having fun with bold colours!  Far from done though.

Next picture...

Well....I started another piece, but I will get back to this one.  Stay with me folks...I promise you a finished painting soon.

Fun Stuff & News

My mom is so sweet.  Tells it like it is.  No candy coating.  No filter.
I showed mom two of my paintings.  'I don't like them.  I don't understand this kind of art', 
I'm laughing now as I recall the conversation.  Told mom it's okay because everyone has different tastes.

Now to the news...I'm retiring after 37 years with the same company.  Am I delighted?  Absolutely!  

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  1. Congratulations on your retirement, Sand!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your retirement and your new blog.
    I get frustrated trying to do faces I'm glad you aren't listening to your gremlins

  3. Congrats on your retirement! How the years fly by. I am also retiring in August,however,it is from my "retirement job" at City of Kitchener. I'll have been there 10.5 years and 32 years at Bell before that. I think I must be ancient...An antique for sure! Enjoy!