Thursday, 28 July 2016

An Anniversary

You may recall my countdown to retirement.  I promise you this won't be counting my days retired, with the exception of today.   Today though, is my one week anniversary of retirement.  It was mentioned to me that it takes time to settle into retirement and if that's the case, I've settled in nicely.

I was inspired to complete a piece of artwork today.  Truthfully this angel was almost done for a few weeks, but it's not always easy to put down the paintbrush.  Also, sometimes I have to wait for the right words for the painting, and I don't mind waiting.  Her message came to me today and I'm happy to say, here's my latest angel.

The message tells the story of the painting and comes from the heart, otherwise it wouldn't be real.  It seems to me that art comes from the soul and it should inspire.  I'm inspired to finish more angels. What inspires you?

Thank you for stopping by.  Happy Crafting!


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