Saturday, 17 December 2016

Quilling in Peacock Colours

Before I talk about my quilling, I want to say how awesome it is to wake up on a snowy day to find my sidewalk, and part of my driveway (not all because my car was in the way), cleared of snow!  Oh, and the mean old snowplow had been by - that was done too!  Wonderful neighbour!  

I recently had a request for three quilled ornaments to be done in peacock colours.  Cool, eh!!  
So, I sent a pic of colours I thought might work....

People know what they want, and here's the end result.  

I can't take the credit for these awesome colour combos.  I will say though, that I love the way the turned out!

The bottom of the ornaments - looking kinda funky!

That's all for today - now off to the market.

Happy Crafting


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