Saturday, 17 June 2017

Graduation 2017

I'm so proud of my daughter Erin! After two years of jammed-packed complicated subject matter, Erin has graduated and is now working in her field as a veterinay technician.

I helped Erin study...once. Yes just once. I think my grrrrrossss and eeeewwwwws were a bit distracting.  Hmmm, can't imagine why! Other than the icky gross stuff, it was in Latin. Sadly, I'm not good with gross or Latin.  I'm quite certain many of my readers would be equally grossed out at the particular subject matter, which I won't share.  Sometimes, as in this case, sharing wouldn't be good....hahaha

The graduation ceremony was held at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. It's such a lovely building with an equally lovely theatre.  One of the most popular speakers at the graduation was Hazel McCallion, who had served as mayor of Mississauga for 11 terms.  There was an audible gasp when Ms McCallion announced her age - 96!  I would have never guessed - what a spunky lady!

Apparently the grads got to vote on the song that would play at the end of the ceremony.  Rock Star by Smash Mouth.  Great choice grads!

 My happy Grad!

The great thing about having a vet tech is that Pippin sometimes gets to go to work.  He appeared to be not feeling well the last couple of days, so he spent the day at the clinic.  He likes being with his human mom.  Anyway, all is good - whew!  A happy healthy pup.  Well, a 3 year old pup. 😍

 What kind of a gal would I be if I didn't share baby pics!! How quickly they grow up!

Thank you for stopping by and indulging this proud mom!


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