Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Point Pelee Mini Vacation & a Fall Stamping Project

We went on a wee travel excursion to check out the partial eclipse on Aug 21. My son researched the best place in Canada to see the eclipse, and it turned out to be Point Pelee, the most southern mainland in Canada.  Arriving a day early gave us a chance to check out Point Pelee National Park. It's lovely and the Marsh Boardwalk was the coolest!  We had gone during the day, but it was so hot and busy with tourist, we decided to go back in the evening. There were hardly any people on the boardwalk, and at about the halfway point on the boardwalk we stopped. Silence. It was so quiet - almost surreal.  So peaceful.  Just a few sounds of nature. 

This was taken from the look-out on the upper level.  The pic is a bit overexposed but still, almost picture perfect.

Some of the marsh along the boardwalk.

Viewing the eclipse through a monocular.  We had people taking pictures of this - cool, eh!!
Other than the eclipse, what you're looking at is our welding glass shield.  My son put the welding glass between two pieces of cardboard.  Simple, and perfect. 

 This pic was taken before it got busy. How wonderful to have so many people converge at the same place, same time to witness this astronomical event! By the way, that little bit of land just after the water is the point.  It's in constant change, which makes sense, so the next time I'm there I'm certain it will look quite different.  The current just past the point is quite strong and swimming/wading isn't permitted. But, going into the water to get to the point is okay, and thankfully - it was SO hot!

1:52 pm

2:27 pm

3:08 pm

We took pics of the eclipse about every ten minutes.  What an awesome event!  
In 2024, we'll experience a total eclipse right here in Canada, and I'm really really really looking forward to it!! How about you?!!

* * * 

On to a bit of stamping! Here's the beginning stages of a little project I'm working on for our next team meeting. 

I'm a huge fan of fall, and fall weather!  The colours I've used remind me of...you guessed it - fall.
I'll post the finished project in early September.

* * * 

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