Sunday, 27 November 2016

Cards I Made for My Mother

  Removing belongings from the home of a loved one after their passing isn't easy.  I've gathered up a few things, including the cards I had made for mom.  I hadn't realized I'd given mom so many cards over the years. The memories are lovely. 

 Mom always had some of the cards on display, waiting for the 'proud mom moment' when she would say to her friends , "my daughter made these cards".  Some of the cards have yellowed and faded, some are a bit worn looking, but all are dear to me.  I made them for a special lady.

Here are some of the cards.

The one flower has moved.  I going to leave it that way.  What's weird (to me anyway), is that once I finished this post, I looked again at the cards and the pink flower has moved and is now just above the sentiment.  

The above card is one of my all-time favourites, with the images stamped on watercolour paper  I had used Bister Powders to achieve the background colours. 

Some of my early quilling in the above and below cards.  The sentiments have faded over the years from sunlight.

A simple birthday card.  Mom had noted the card wasn't white.  Seems like I use a lot of white cardstock.

I recall Mom staring at this card, and not wanted to hurt my feelings when she advised me the heart wasn't centred properly.  My feeling weren't hurt - I wanted the heart to be off centre, knowing that not everything in the world is perfect.  Quirky is good!

Another simple card.  Mom thought this card was so pretty.

I was surprised to find this card as I didn't recall making it.  I do recognize my quilling,though, so I know it's one of mine.

This card was made ages ago.  Super simple quilling. Inside I had written, 'I can't imagine who I would be without you.  I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me'.

Another 'ancient' card.

Truthfully, not my fave card, however I love the sentiment - Life is a matter of moments.  
On the inside I wrote, 'Thank you for being in those moments'  

Remember to cherish the moments in your life.  They are precious.

I think the beauty of making cards, for me, is they are made from the heart.  From love. 
Making cards for my mom was just one of the ways to let mom know I loved her.

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  1. They are all beautiful cards that I know your mom treasured