Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Be You

I'm just back from a walk in a local park.  There were lots of mucky paths, downed trees, early signs of spring and with the sun shining on our backs and the wind blowing, it was perfect!  The walk today reminded me of the beauty of nature, and that soon we'll be admiring spring flowers!

My painting today kind of reminds me of spring.  It's bursting with colours - the yellows, oranges and pinks are intense.  In contrast to the vibrant colours, I used a paper lace doily, ivory paints and some muted colours.  I'm super proud of this piece!

I had a message in mind for this painting, but was a wee bit unsure. For a second opinion I turned to Lolly.  Two thumbs up - yay!  And here you have the finished painting. Love!

That's all for today.  Thank you for stopping by!

Peace & Love



  1. As a Brights gal, I Ann absolutely in love with the vibrant colour in this piece Sandy! So beautiful!

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